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>>/pol/30698>>30696 >kikes now own both sides now with Putin masquerading as the "new right" while actually coming from the same people (KGB
>>/ggrevolt/15843>>15838 I'm going to buy reddit ads for this place, just like based Hotwheels
>>/pol/30697>>30696 WW3 now
>>/ggrevolt/15842>>15841 Don't let your thirst lead you to worship nackt as infallible because she's supposedly a woman. What if it turns out to
>>/ggrevolt/15841>>15834 Pretty sure I asked Nackt about that in another topic a long time ago. Basically what it came down to was a script kiddi
>>/pol/30696>>30695 it's too late. kikes now own both sides now with Putin masquerading as the "new right" while actually coming from the s
>>/pol/30695>If at any point in 2017 Trump supporters are harmed or harrassed like the rally in Chicago, expect Righties to get very interes
>>/pol/30694Thank you for the excerpt. Attached is a copy of the full book, for anyone who wants it.
>>/ggrevolt/15840>>15776 I like how you expect us to cry a river for a bunch of fucks obsessed with the liveso f some autist hick.Good riddance t

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